Speed ​​up your WordPress Site in 3 Steps.

Nowadays, Internet users are quite impatient. They want to see things immediately they click on it without having the time to wait long for a website to load. So, having a slow website may cause irritation and frustration.

”Remember, your website must be fast if you want to have a low bounce rate.”

There are lots of software and strategies that has been developed to helpcheck your website speed, but I will personally recommend:

Http Request – When you enter a URL in your browser, it asks the server for the HTML document at that URL. Thus, the faster the time it takes to respond, the more likely that the rest of the page will load quickly.

To find out how many requests your site makes, you can use this tool: https://www.pingdom.com/



Google Friendly Images – A lot of people are so very concerned with putting the best out there but they do not consider that the size of your pictures has a huge impact on your website.

If you are using WordPress, you are lucky! Personally, I can recommend you to use https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/, a WordPress plugin that decreases the file size while retaining the high quality of your pictures.


Eventually, you might have to reduce the file size manually and softwares like Photoshop, or online tools like befunky.com will come in handy.

Minimize coding – To make code easier and faster, you can simply use a WordPress plugin called W3 Total Cache (One of the best tools for minimizing coding).

It offers many advantages, including the ability to reduce the size of HTML, CSS, Javascript. This also contributes to the speed of your website.

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