How to add mutiple links on instagram .

How to add mutiple links on instagram

Before to get started

Today, one of the main reasons Instagram can be used is to generate traffic on our website or on the platform we use to sell our services/products.

Furthermore, our link can add value to our page and make our Instagram profile more complete in the eyes of our potential visitor.

Add more than one link

Sometimes our Instagram profile can be associated with more than one website and we want to show more choices for our followers.

However, Instagram gives the possibility to add only one link at a time in its profile description (and not the possibility of inserting links in post uff) so it would seem impossible to make this choice.

A new tool that facilitates life

Recently, I discovered a website that can make life easier for those who wish to include more choice options in their profile.

For example, we could include different social platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) (or just add some of our sites.

I’m talking about … Linktree!

Step by Step Tutorial 

1. Access the website through this link:

2. Register with your Instagram profile (If you do not want to pay the premium version, you can simply opt for the free version).

4. Once logged in, you will be directed to a nice page where you can add the different links.

5. At the top, you will find the link that you can insert on your Instagram page, which will be generated automatically.

6. On the other hand, a handy drag and drop to move, edit or delete your links.

7. Once the process is complete, copy the link at the top of your Instagram profile by going to the settings and entering it in the website section.

The final result will be this:

Fantastic, is not it? 

If this blog helped you, let me know with a comment what you think, it will be a pleasure to have a chat 🙂

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