Always answer customer questions.

Always answer customer questions.

Listen, your website should have this flow: visitors arrive with very specific questions they want to be answered, they give a look at your website homepage. If they don’t find the answer they seek, they will leave your website. 

I know it may sound hard to read, but this is the harsh reality.

The questions varies, depending on your business or service. This is why it is important to do a great User Research before you start any website.

You should understand how customers in that particular business are relating to websites. The kind of visitors you want are those that will make their visits beneficial to your business. The visitors that will become customers.

answer customers questions

So you should ask these very important questions. For example, what do your users want? Who are your potential customers? Why should people choose my products or services?

These are very general questions. By the way, some visitors can have very specific questions like: Where is the privacy policy? How can I get a refund?

These are questions you should have anticipated and prepared for. Setting strategies to answer them before they are even asked. You can consider the idea of inserting some FAQ pages on your site, with more common questions your customers might need answers to.

This makes your visitors able to trust and also makes you look credible and responsible.

I would love to hears your feedbacks and also answer any questions you have concerning web design.

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