How Google Penguin update affects SEO

How Google Penguin Update Affects SEO (3 Tips)

If you have noticed a drop in your website’s ranking, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach to link building.

Here are some of the main reasons Penguin may have penalized your website.

1) Low-quality links on your website

They can be links on low-quality blogs, article marketing websites with poor original content or websites that have been considered spam or dangerous.

2) Back links from irrelevant websites

The “Latent Semantic Indexing” powered by google has a much greater relevance thanks to the new Penguin update. This means that the content and relevance of the websites that are linking to you, will be more important than ever.

3) On-page over-optimization

Until now, keyword targeting, ie using the keyword in the links, has been the safest and fastest way to get good site rankings. Today, however, if Google notices that the links are not “natural”, it can penalize that site immediately.

How to to avoid a google penalty?

To get a link building approach that doesn’t conflict with Penguin, you need to: examining existing inbound links, carefully analyzing competitors that have maintained a good ranking and keeping track of your quality link-building on a regular basis.

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