the process.

Great design requires deep knowledge of your users, their environments, and their goals: conducting UX research, interviewing users, collaborating with different teams and testing prototypes all help keep a project on track.

🔍  Market Research

To get you the best results design process begins with market research, including business analysis and process mapping. All the functions will be defined at this stage.

Software Used: Google Documents, Trello.


📐 Architecture/Lo-fi

The key to success is information architecture that covers all the processes and enables users to perform required actions seamlessly. You will get information architecture model that responds to user needs best.

Software Used: Figma

✏️ UX/UI Design

Once solid architecture is ready, we can focus on user interface. Wireframes and mockups are just the begining. I will take it further, all the way to clean and usable interface.

Software Used:  Adobe XD, Figma

⚙️ Coding

Creative development will start as soon as interface design is completed. To make interaction fun a whole bunch of HTML5 recipes will be applied. You will get inerface prototype (html, css, js) that could be integrated with your backend next.

Software Used: Wordpress/Shopify

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