about me.

I’m Lorenzo Brandimarte, a web designer freelance based in Italy. My passion about User Experience¬†combined with development skills convey great value to companies I work for.

I generate solutions.

I creatively convey ideas through text and images. I generate solutions for my clients through creative means. I may promote a company’s mission through a website or graphics that help sell a product. All of this involves creative problem-solving skills.

  • Illustrator 83% 83%
  • Photoshop 90% 90%
  • Social Media Marketing 63% 63%

Web Design Freelance

I also need to know about web design. I’m fluent in multiple programming languages (including HTML and CSS) as well as web design content management system platforms, such as WordPress and Divi Theme.


Finally, I’m glad to collaborate with webcoursesbangkok and Pdsconsulting helping people to grow their ideas.

  • UI design 93% 93%
  • UX research 73% 73%
  • Html/Css 63% 63%

Get in touch.

I know you are not ready to get a quote,
but if you want to ask me questions, I’m here.